Pinot Noir

About Pinot Noir Grapes

Pinot Noir might be the most ethereal of all red grape varieties and when it’s great it’s unbeatable. Pinot Noir’s original home is Burgundy in France but it has spread across the globe to over 214,000 acres as winemakers attempt to tease the best out of this tricky grape!

Pinot Noir Regions
  • Burgundy
  • Australia
  • USA
  • Germany

In Germany, Pinot Noir is also known by the name Spatburgunder, where the cool climate gives the wine brilliant red fruit flavour and fine acidity.

Taste profile

Pinot Noir has a vast range of flavours from cranberry through raspberry to mushroom and almost everything in between! The grape has low tannins due its thin skin and has red fruit flavours in the cooler climates and more black plum flavour in the warmer areas.

The best examples are from Burgundy, Australia, USA and Germany but it’s worth remembering it’s also a key component in the wines of Champagne and English Sparkling wine.

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