Altano Rewilding Edition 2018 Bag-in-tube Douro, Portugal, 225cl

Altano Rewilding Edition 2018 Bag-in-tube

Altano Rewilding Edition 2018 Bag-in-tube

Douro, Portugal, 225cl

Rewilding Portugal is an innovative approach to large scale conservation on abandoned / marginal land. It aims to restore natural processes and wildlife corridors, with a particular focus on keystone species. Rewilding Portugal are rehabilitating a 120,000 hectare wildlife corridor in the Greater Côa Valley in northern Portugal. As part of this, and to ensure long-term success of the project, they are working with the local community to catalyse sustainable economic development in conjunction with the conversation efforts.This wine showcases the famous Symington family's support for the Rewilding Portugal and is a collaboration between the two. Basically, when you buy one of these, you're making a difference to Portugal's florae and fauna, as well as benefitting from a rather large format (equivalent to three bottles) that will give you massive wine pleasure for 4-6 weeks once opened. If it lasts that long of course.Dispel all of your beliefs about bag-in-box, or bag-in-tube as this is, as it's a brilliant way to buy wine if you just want to enjoy a glass or two at a time. It keeps the vino in perfect condition and the beautifully illustrated sustainable packaging (fully recyclable tube and bag) looks fantastic! The wine itself is an exclusive blend by Altano for the project and is full of vibrant red fruit aromas with floral rock rose scents, reflecting the woodland and scrub of the Douro. The ripe fruit is well balanced by crisp acidity and spicy tannins.
Red Wine, Vegan Tinta Roriz, Touriga Franca, Tinta Barroca Douro, Portugal ABV 14% PGALTBIB

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