Jarrold's London Dry Gin West Sussex, England, 70cl

Jarrold's London Dry Gin

Jarrold's London Dry Gin

West Sussex, England, 70cl

New gins need to be quite special to find their way onto our shelves and Jarrold's London Dry Gin is simply brilliant! Distilled in Chichester in a traditionally designed 250 litre copper pot still, with a heavy Juniper and Persian Lime influence, this is simply phenomenal, packs quite a punch at 47% abv and is released in a gorgeous bottle.

In their own words: "Traditionally there would have been less emphasis on juniper in a London Dry Gin but we wanted to mix it up a bit. We're sticking to the rules of a London Dry by using a premium distilled alcohol made from British grain. Nothing added during the distillation other than our seven botanicals and nothing when we're finished apart from cutting it back with local water to a very drinkable 48% ABV. We turned to the Dutch for the heavier juniper notes which we love and combined and balanced the two traditions together. The result is a super smooth beautifully balanced drinking experience which we hope will convince you to make it your go-to bottle as well." - Jarrold's Gin  


Gin West Sussex, England ABV 48% Cork GNJARROB

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