Malt of the Month | November 2018

Well after one of the best summers I can remember, the glorious weather even reached beyond the border into Scotland. It seemed rather strange visiting Whisky distilleries in shorts and a tee shirt!

This trip I managed to venture over to the Orkneys for a few days, and first stop had to be Highland Park on the southern edge of the main town of Kirkwall. Much larger than some straddling both sides of the road. I think they hold significant numbers of casks maturing on site.

I think that for such a reasonable outlay (£37.50) this is the Malt Whisky everybody should try. The 12 yr. old is such a polished whisky for their entry level malt. starting with the recent-ish new bottle design, you get a glimce of everything here from fruitcake, light vanilla and citrus notes awash with heather and a hint of honey. All finished off with the lightest brushing of peat, hardly noticeable for the non-peat lovers amongst you.

Also, in our Pulborough branch we have a few bottles left from our allocation of Kilchoman Sauternes finish still available on a first come first served basis of one per person. Odd bottles of the Port cask and the current Loch Gorm are still looking for a home!