Beavertown Brewery | Craft beer bonanza

Brewing in London is undergoing a phenomenal renaissance at the moment, experiencing the type of growth not seen since George started mixing up some medicine. Small breweries are popping up all over the place and producing really delicious, interesting, uncompromising and experimental brews. To be a true craft brewer, like Beavertown Brewery, takes a lot of belief, passion and time as well as varying amounts of trial and error.

Beavertown Brewery, in Tottenham Hale, has grown from humble beginnings to become a shining beacon of UK brewing and we’re so pleased to be able to get hold of their wares – very tricky outside of the capital.

The Beavertown Brewery was born in December 2011 in the kitchen of Duke’s, a BBQ restaurant in the historical De Beauvoir area of Hackney, referred to by the locals as Beavertown. Founder, Logan Plant, started producing small amounts of his first two beers, 8 Ball and Smog Rocket, to complement the smokey, rich food on offer. Two moves later and they’re brewing close to 20,000 litres a week, still nowhere close to demand, and selling all over the globe. They haven’t forgotten about their humble beginnings though and the original ‘heartbeat’ kit from the restaurant still sits next to their 50HL Big Beaver, and continues to be utilised for their experimental creations.

We’re always craving something interesting at Hennings that tantalises the taste buds and makes us think a bit. Beavertown Brewery, through their amazing beers, are right on the money. There really is no going back to standard fizzy fare once you’ve tried one of their beers. beer, craft beer,

Keep yours eyes peeled as we often have seasonal specialties from Beavertown in very restricted numbers…