Domaines Ott Clos Mireille Coeur de Grain Rosé 2022 | Organic Provence, France, 75cl

Clos Mireille Coeur de Grain Rosé 2022 | Organic

Domaines Ott Clos Mireille Coeur de Grain Rosé 2022 | Organic

Provence, France, 75cl

Certified organic, Domaines Ott Clos Mireille Coeur de Grain Rosé 2022 shows a pale pastel pink in hue with saffrony gold highlights. The powerful, elegant nose combines aromas of peach, exotic fruit, redcurrant and cardamom. After a lively attack, the palate is intense, concentrated and ever so elegant with typical vibrant summer berry fruits balanced alongside crisp grapefruit and lemon rind. Fresh and energizing with a mouthwatering, slightly spicy, finish. A class release as always showing the complexity of Domaines Ott Clos Mireille Coeur de Grain, as well as its coastal location. 

In 1896, after a tour of France's wine-growing areas, the young agronomist Marcel Ott arrived on the shores of the Mediterranean and finally found the wine area that most inspired him: Provence. In the heart of this famous wine region, one of the oldest in France, there is a long-standing culture of grape cultivation. But at the end of the nineteenth century, when phylloxera had destroyed all the best vine stock, the vineyards had been replanted too quickly, and so the wines they produced had little appeal. With fierce determination, Marcel Ott set about replanting all the estates with quality grape varieties so that the great wines of Provence could flourish again: authentic wines that would be worthy of this thousand-year-old tradition.

With its sleek curves, the emblematic Domaines Ott bottle gives an indication of the quality of their vintages. The three estates of Domaine Ott extend over two different appellations, but they share the same wine-growing culture – and a unique bottle too. It was Provence itself that suggested the iconic shape to René Ott, inspired as he was by the land between the hills and the shores of the sea with its rows and terraces of vines, and the cypress trees shaped like exclamation marks or the shapely trunks of the palm trees. This familiar and time-honoured landscape is what guided René as he carved the design that was to embody his vision. This distinctive bottle was created in the 1930s but has since lost none of its modernity. Today, it gives Domaine Ott its own unique signature. Sleek and delicate, the famous bottle with a star brings back memories of the elegance of the amphoras used to collect wine in ancient times that can still be found all over Provence. It shows off the vintages magnificently and is a shining symbol of the great wines of Provence.

In the 1930s, Marcel Ott was attracted to a very old property near the coastline and the intense blue of the Mediterranean. Overlooking the sea, Clos Mireille is in Londe les Maures close to Brégançon. With all the patience of an amateur, Ott replanted and consolidated the vineyards, cleverly using the soil enclosed between the spray of the sea and the dry air of the hills further inland, which had previously been home to mulberry and olive trees and umbrella pines. Close to the old construction built by the Benedictines in the eighteenth century, the vines soon started producing exceptional grapes bursting with flavour and nourished by both the sea and the sun. At Clos Mireille, the average age of the vines is sixteen years. The soil is composed of shale. Its location by the shores of the Mediterranean at the foot of the hills is unusual, and the character of its wines is even more exceptional in that the clay soil on this ancient rocky outcrop does not contain any limestone. The broad sea-facing facade also gives Clos Mireille wines their inimitable character. The micro-climate and the sea spray create the perfect conditions for producing subtle and distinctive wines.

Rosé Wine, Organic Grenache / Garnacha, Shiraz / Syrah, Cinsault Provence, France ABV 13.5% Cork ROCLOMIB

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