About Coonawarra Region Wines

Coonawarra is all about one thing – red wine! Scrub that – intensely complex and structured red wine grown on a distinctive rusty red soil known as Terra Rossa.

Key Coonawarra Grape Varieties
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot
  • Shiraz
  • Chardonnay

Facts About Coonawarra Region Wines

Terra Rossa soil occurs when the limestone soil weathers, the clay contained in the rocks is left behind creating a bold red colour.

Coonawarra is a very narrow piece of land only 1.5km wide and 15km long.

Although Australian winemakers love to explore the different varieties they can grow, in Coonawarra red wine really is king, accounting for a whopping 92% of the production.

Minty fresh! It’s not uncommon for eucalyptus or menthol aromas to come through with this style of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Don’t forget Cabernet’s home is in Bordeaux, therefore some of the very best examples of Coonawarra Cabernet have great ageing potential.

Classifications (The technical bit)

Australia has a history of labelling battles with Europe as they have tried to use terms such as Chablis or Port on their bottles. EU producers clearly didn’t take kindly to this and laws were put in place to stop them using such terms.

In light of this it seems only natural the Australians introduced their own GI (Geoprahical Indication) system to protect regions, and sub-regions and their production – such as Coonawarra.

Hennings Wine Says

Cabernet Sauvignon is clearly in charge here, producing arguably the finest in Australia and possibly even all of the New World. A particular producer to look at for is Parker Estate.

This family owned winery has been developing its Coonawarra production since 1985, using pre-Phylloxera Bordeaux clones to create wines that are prestigiously recognised and attract numerous awards worldwide.

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