About Riesling Grapes

Vying with Chardonnay as the world’s noblest white grape, the incredible thing about Riesling is in the breadth of styles it can produce from bone dry to super sweet as well as sparkling and everything in between.

Riesling Grape Regions
  • Alsace
  • Germany
  • South Australia

Flavour profile

It truly is a variety to treasure and explore. There are around 130,000 acres of Riesling growing across the globe and its flavours range from lime to petroleum(!). Loads of fruit and incredible acidity are its calling cards. Of course, its home is Germany but there are also a couple of regions in South Australia producing world-class wines.

A fine variety of Riesling wines

Germany is best known for the world’s finest Riesling, whether dry or sweet. There are beautiful notes of lime and green apple in the best cool climate examples and these develop into wondrous honeyed petrol notes with age. The best examples from Alsace, Germany and Australia are capable of ageing for decades and look out for examples from Australia’s Clare and Eden Valleys if you like them austere (who doesn’t?). If you’re worried about accidentally ordering something sweet, simply look at the alcohol level. If it’s under 10% then it’s likely to have some sweetness whereas it’ll almost certainly be dry at 12.5% or more!

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