Saint Romain Blanc

Saint-Romain Le Jarron Mark Haisma 2013

  • Burgundy
  • France
  • 75cl

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“Old vines average 60 years old. South facing, growing on very stoney ground. The stone is white and makes for a very reflective surface, when you walk into the vineyard in bright sun light you need sunglasses, very bright. This is great for photosynthesis. Saint Romain is a long valley that winds all the way up to the high land, the cool air flows down the valley at night. The wines will always have bright acidity.” “Firstly here is how I work, for those new to my ramblings. I am a micro-négociant. I do not own any land. I source fruit from growers who work really hard and produce beautiful fruit. I have built some great relationships with these growers and I buy fruit from five or six growers each year. I bring all this fruit to a winery I share with a local producer in Gevrey-Chambertin. Here I vinify all my wines. I cannot afford vines but I have managed to secure access to some beautiful parcels of vines. This is a common way to produce wine in Burgundy. Buy fruit and make it yourself, no problems with Mother Nature. I sense my wines will always be more approachable and drinkable at younger ages. My winemaking has always sought to capture freshness and play on the aromatics of the grapes I work with. Power, structure, indefinite ageing and black colours are not my thing. I crave elegance, lift, verve, acidity, balance, poise – in a word nervosity, something slightly on edge, not quite calm.” Mark Haisma.



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