Bepi Tosolini Amaretto Saliza

Bepi Tosolini Amaretto Saliza

  • Friuli
  • Italy
  • 70cl

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Acclaimed by many consumers and bartenders around the world, Bepi Tosolini Amaretto Saliza is the only Italian Amaretto you will ever need! Made by infusing crushed almonds in alcohol without using any additions or extracts, this is as pure and traditional as it comes. Showing amber gold in hue, Bepi Tosolini Amaretto Saliza is remarkably fresh on the nose with inviting aroma’s of toasted almonds, cashew nuts and marzipan with subtle hints of orange zest. To taste, the palate has an unmistakable Amaretto flavour profile with flavours of syrupy marzipan, toasted almonds layered with zesty citrus fruit and notes of cocoa on the finish.

Pop this is the freezer and serve over ice – liquid gold in a glass!

To quote Lisa Tosolini, “Our amaretto is made as the traditional and artisanal recipe, by infusing almonds in alcohol for a couple of weeks and then distilling with a  special still used for botanical extraction. Once the distillation process is finished we make the final blend and add alcohol, sugar and caramel (for the dark colour). Nothing else. No aromas, no artificial flavours. All is natural.”

Founded in 1943 and named after its founder, Giuseppe ‘Bepi’ Tosolini, the Tosolini family have been producing premium Italian spirits for over 75 years from only the finest grapes picked from both Collio and Colli Orientali vineyards in Fruili, Italy.



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