Winter Offers | The Grapevine 53

First and foremost, whatever your personal circumstances, the team here at Hennings sincerely hopes you are well. We’re a family business and know how challenging this year has been for everyone. As I type it’s hard to believe it’s Halloween tomorrow. This is where I’d normally remark on how quickly the year has gone — never has this been more the case than in 2020. But, as Einstein stated, time is relative.

In this, our 60th year, we’d also like to reiterate our thanks to you all for your support over the decades. We’re incredibly lucky to have supporters and company champions like you, particularly over the last few months. You may have noticed we didn’t produce a Summer Grapevine this year but we’re absolutely delighted to be able to bring you what we think is our finest selection yet. We’ve stuck in more ‘treats’ than we ever have because, let’s face it, we all deserve a bit of a lift this Christmas. We may not be able to help you share Christmas with all those you would wish to, but we can at least help you share it with some delicious wine. All, like family gatherings of Christmas past, in moderation of course.

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