Summer Offers | The Grapevine 51

Even with the rain belting down on our HQ as we put the finishing touches to our latest issue of The Grapevine a couple of weeks ago, we knew it was an edition like no other. Yeah, we might say it every year, but this is easily our best issue of summer wine offers ever! We’ve got some incredible Italians (pages 4 and 5) and the best range of Rieslings (pages 14 and 15) that have ever been featured. Don’t get us started on the wines (pages 24 and 25) that our MD found in a building that could house half of the county…here’s to a glorious few months. Uncertainty may have reigned supreme this year but take comfort in the knowledge that we’ll always have a great drop or two to pass your way. You can view all the wines below or the pretty pdf version here if you’ve got some time to kill or need a distraction from work…

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