Your guide to Christmas day wine

Christmas is an exciting, fantastic and fun holiday, with many of us thinking of it as the most wonderful time of the year. There is no other event that has the ability to transform the way we consume wine quite like this special day! Regardless of whether you need a classic Bucks Fizz on Christmas morning, a decadent red alongside the roast or a festive whisky in the evening, having the right wines and spirits on hand is most certainly a Christmas necessity.

Planning your Christmas day taking into account the pairing of wine and food can prove challenging, especially when you have a large number of guests attending. Not knowing what wine works best for different foods and events throughout the day can make things difficult and stressful. To minimise this stress, Hennings Wine have put together your essential guide to Christmas day wines!

Christmas Morning Wines

If you have young children, you will understand that Christmas morning is all about the excitement of unwrapping presents that have been sat under the tree for weeks! But don’t worry, adults won’t be missing out! Champagne and Bucks Fizz are traditional drinks that fit the Christmas morning perfectly, full of fizz, flavour and light in alcohol. To create a classic Buck’s Fizz (a rich blend of orange juice and sparkling wine), an inexpensive Prosecco Spumante like Cielo Spumante works perfectly well. For a special morning bottle of Champagne why not choose our Joseph Perrier Blanc de Noirs 2008 or perhaps support a local producer with a bottle or two of Wiston Estate’s Blanc de Blancs 2010. View our full selection of Champagne and sparkling wines online today.

Christmas Dinner Wines

When it comes to the main event on Christmas, the designated cook will require a light and refreshing wine to sip whilst preparing the cornucopia so why not try a bottle of off dry German Riesling like the Loosen Estate? It’s full of flavour, refreshing and at around 8% you should be able to finish the cooking before needing a sit down!

To start? For many, Christmas dinner starts with a traditional starter of seafood or perhaps some canapés. To accompany seafood starters bursting with flavour, we recommend dry white wines that are cool and refreshing such as Buil Y Giné’s Joan Albariño. For canapés we’d recommend something sparkling like Nyetimber Demi-Sec – off dry and delicious, this English sparkling wine is the perfect apéritif.

The bird? Many families opt for the traditional roast turkey which pairs perfectly well with white or red wines that are light in tannins and have a good balance of acidity and are rich in flavours. We’d recommend a Chardonnay with a bit of oak for the white and a Pinot Noir or classical Bordeaux for the red. While there are perfect pairings with Christmas lunch, everyone’s has a different dimension to it and in truth the flavours are so variable from household to household that the best policy is often to just drink your favourite wine!

Time for pudding? The traditional and classic Christmas pudding is a sweet, powerful and overwhelming dish that very few wines can stand up too. We recommend pairing a fortified wine like Blandy’s Bual Madeira or Fernando de Castilla’s Antique Pedro Ximenez.

Christmas Evening Wines

As the afternoon light starts to fade and the feeling of joyful weariness creeps in, it’s time to slow down for an evening in front of the Christmas TV. At some stage in the evening, hunger will return and the tradition of cheese and biscuits will be present, Tawny and Colheita Ports are the perfect accompaniment. Port is a traditional British drink to be consumed on Christmas day, and barrel aged Ports are the liquid version of Christmas day full of spice and dried fruit flavours. Why not treat yourself to something rare, yet affordable, like Kopke’s 10 Year Old White Port or go for total decadence with their 1966 Colheita?

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