German Wine

Germany is famous primarily for the world-class Riesling produced in its Mosel region but over the years, German wine has diversified and top quality German wine is now emerging from various regions, particularly Baden, Pfalz and even the minute Ahr Valley.

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Mosel is the most famous of Germany’s wine regions. It is also one of the largest in terms of production. It follows the path of the Mosel river from its confluence with the Rhine river and also includes the Saar and Ruwer tributaries too.

The Mosel region is most famous for its Riesling wines, but Muller-Thurgau is also widely planted. The best Mosel wines are some of the finest white wines in the world. Light and low in alcohol, they can be intensely fragrant with a wonderful balance of sweetness and acidity.


Nahe is a relatively small wine-growing region in Germany, with around 10,400 acres of vineyard in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The region shares borders with Rheinhessen to the east, Rheingau to the north-east and Mittelrhein to the north. The Nahe river lends the area its name and flows as a tributary to the Rhine at Bingen.


Pfalz is a key wine region in the west of Germany, located between the Rhine river and the low-lying Haardt mountain range. In terms of both quality and quantity, Pfalz is one of Germany’s most important regions. An increasing proportion of Germany’s finest Riesling and Pinot Noir (Spätburgunder) come from the Pfalz vineyards.

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