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Below you’ll find a list of wines currently available to taste at our Chichester shop in our Enomatic wine sampling machines. While this list is kept as up to date as possible these wines do change quite often so if you have your heart set on tasting something please call our shop to make sure it’s still available. Our Enomatic machines contain 24 different products at any one time, from wines to whisky and liqueurs so they’re the perfect way to explore our range. You’ll find eclectic grapes, regions and producers as well as some of the more established ones. Tasters are available in three glass sizes – just pop in your prepaid card (available from a helpful team member at Chichester) and away you go! These Enomatic cards are also available to buy in a rather natty little gift card so make a brilliant present for the wine lover in your life!

Don’t forget our Chichester shop opens until 20.30 on the first Friday of every month for Enomatic Friday – the perfect end to the working week!

Upcoming Enomatic Fridays: SUSPENDED DUE TO COVID-19

1 Whispering Angel Rosé 2018 £19.95
2 Mount Horrocks Cordon Cut Riesling 2018 £27.50
3 Mount Horrocks Watervale Semillon 2017 £23.99
4 Etna Bianco Setteporte 2017 £25.50
5 Domaine La Fouquette Cuvée Brin De Mimosa 2018 £14.50
6 Chateau Guipiere Muscadet La Tour Sevre et Maine Sur Lie 2017 £15.99
7 Troballa Garnatxa Blanca 2018 £17.50
9 Quinta de Sant’Ana Forte De Picoto 2017 £21.95
10 Hanewald-Schwerdt Riesling Auf Per Pochel 2017 £12.99
11 Picpoul de Pinet Les Girelles Colombo 2018 £12.99
12 Fletcher C18 Chardonnay 2018 £27.50
13 Quinta de Sant’Ana Tinto 2016 £12.99
14 Quinta de Sant’Ana Touriga Nacional 2015 £28.50
15 Quinta de Sant’Ana Tinto Reserva 2014 £26.95
16 Quinta De Sant’ana Baron Gustav Von Fürstenberg 2010 £29.50
17 Coyam 2017 £23.50
18 Tour Bouscasse Brumont 2011 £18.99
19 Brouilly Domaine Les Roches Bleues Le Cru du Volcan 2018 £12.99
20 Domaine Des Clos Maurice Saumur-Champigny VV £16.99
21 Errazuriz Aconcagua Alto Carmenere 2017 £24.99
22 Campbells Limited Release Durif 2016 £17.99
23 Raats Family Cabernet Franc 2015 £28.50
24 Aragonia Garnacha Especial 2016 £15.50

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